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At the European Weight Loss Centre Ltd in Prague (EWLC) we are very proud of the success we have helped our clients achieve with our gastric balloon programme. Typical weight loss is 2 to 3 stones but we frequently have clients losing over 5 stones with our gastric balloon programme! The procedure is safe, non-surgical and takes only 10 minutes.

Inflated20BalloonThe gastric balloon is a clinically proven method for long term substantial weight loss. The procedure has been successfully tried and tested around the world and has been involved in a number of independant clinical trials, involving many thousands of people, to prove its safety and effectiveness.


At The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd, EWLC, in Prague, we have implanted many gastric balloons, we also provide unrivalled levels of after care and service, just take a look at our testimonials for typical examples of our success stories. Now a little bit more about the gastric balloon procedure with EWLC in Prague...


Deciding to take positive action and having a procedure such as the gastric balloon or gastric band with EWLC should not be considered in any way similar to having cosmetic surgery, due to the fact that in most cases the gastric balloon and gastric band procedures can provide significant health benefits for obese and severely obese people, helping to resolve or avoid serious health problems associated with obesity and severe obesity, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, heart problems, stroke etc.


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What should you expect?
The average weight loss during a typical 6 month Gastric Balloon BIB® insertion period is 2 - 4 stones (13KG - 21KG) this data is based on independant clinical trials around the world, involving many thousands of people. It is possible for clients who follow a dedicated daily exercise and dietary regime, to lose up to 4 to 5 stones you can see examples of this from our client testimonials.


The BIB® Gastric Balloon is designed as an aid (or a tool) to help you kick start your new relationship with food, it can assist you when diets and other methods have failed. To achieve the best results clients need to follow a structured dietary and exercise programme whilst the balloon is in place (and after its removal). The BIB® gastric balloon is designed to help you change the relationship you have with food, on a lasting basis and has been shown to help achieve significant weight loss when other methods have failed.


For more information on the Gastric Balloon procedure in Prague please refer to our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page where you will see a list of the typical questions clients have, along with subsequent answers, also, please feel free to complete our 'Find Out More' form and we will email further information and brochures for your use.


The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd in Prague - EWLC; specialists in Gastric Balloon and Gastric Band procedures, with after-care.


Benefits of bariatric (weight loss) surgery:


The world's leading gastric balloon system, proven in extensive clinical studies,
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